Vc's Message

Dear Student,

           The KSOU came into existence in 1996 and since then till date, it has been trying its best to provide education to students in distance education system through available means. In this direction I feel extremely happy and proud to welcome those who seek admission for educational degree programme. There are many reasons as to why distance education which is different from that of the traditional education is becoming popular across the world. It is quite possible to-day to a student get fulfilled the thirst for higher education through multimedia being at his own place. This education system has become supporting and motivating aspect to have better awareness in fine arts.

In the context of universalization and with the back ground where technologies are becoming modernized more and more. There is an urgent need to convert our ancient arts suitable to the demand of modern society and also there is an urgent need to resurrect and resuscitate our cultural knowledge. It is highly essential to introduce modern art besides ancient art which have pre-eminent place in Indian culture as it is an urgent need to have knowledge of invigorating art traditional and contemporary visual and performing arts. We are starting practical research in visual art for the first time in the country. Through this providing degree, education programme extensively Moulding several different types of visual arts. Our chief motto is to facilitate those who are very much interested and have aesthetic taste in fine arts.

In this direction the learning material you receive will help you in improving your knowledge. KSOU is the first university in the country making efforts to reach you this fine arts degree programme through distance education mode with the support of multimedia motivated study ingredients. I have firm self-confidence that all of you can shape your better life standard with this type of awareness and training by completing degree programmes by your professional skills competitive capabilities well in the near future.

I wish you all success


Prof. K.S. Rangappa