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SALA is a new concept in Art Education, for the first time in India it has given an opportunity for Art Lovers to earn Degree evenwhile working or from home.Situated at the heart of the city SALA offeres state of the art education in Fine Art, Performing Art and Visual Art. Its an advantage for those who like toexplore their creative thinking in a formal presentation.

The man behind the project is Dr. Upadya, Man with the vision to create a single platform for variuos Arts under a single has roof finally taken its shape. His Mission to combine Art forms and provide a suitable stage to perform has given him the space. Many long years of effort has given him the opportunity to make his dream work. Dr. Upadya has been teaching in a prestigious Art college for the past 25 years and in his career he has written many books & directed movie . He has thought hundred of students in painting and has supported many in other field.

SALA is situated at the heart of the city, on the footsteps of Sri Chamundi Hill, Mysore.A city of Palaces, Heritage Places, Rivers and an hub of Arts & Culture more over a perfect place for a Students to learn Art, Dance or Music. SALA a perfect platform has Its head office and class rooms situated on Ooty Mysore Road, with a spectacular ambience for Art Students. SALA provides well equipped class rooms for contact classes and conducted by qualified lectureres. To maintain the quality of outcome the limitatation of students admission is restricted.

Admissions open for 2019-2020. Download prospectus