A brief account of Local Fine Art (face to face) Education:


India is an abode of Inborn and inbred Artists. Our folk literature – mythology – legends and the history of time and place reveal this fact. The places of Jubilant artistic heritage and importance has proved this saying. Apart from this, our renowned, noted luminaries – outstanding and Creative personalities like Vyasa Valmiki – kalidasa – sarvajna and countless many others. Memorable sculptors like Jakkanna – Donkana, Aristanemi, cheeraghatti, chirtalekha, chitrada sangaiah, Narada, Bharatamuni the Lord Sri Krishna, Hanumantha, Akka mahadevi, Meera, Tansen, Raja Ravivarma like innumerable musicians never had acquired any university formal degrees. But all these above mentioned gems and pearls like personalities of our land out of their commendable and spell – bound, artistic talent attracted the attention of the whole world. By the grace of inbred artists the flood of pilgrims across the world has been flowing into the country, to Visit and enjoy the indelible tourist spots, where each stone Carving are whispering and singing gently. Historical Monuments which have left the legacy behind on the earth. At the same time millions and Billions of foreign exchange is flowing into the land which is an added revenue to the national exchequer. Such great Artists were neglected and condemned as they were not academically qualified and did not possess formal university degree. The trend of condemning this great inborn artist conspicuously appeared after the establishment of academic modern conventional universities. Now, to get rid of distress minds, the chief aim and the only way of introducing local distance education. In this regard the SALA academy is striving hard to introduce art degrees to all those who are having inborn artistic skill and talent. This is the pioneer and quiet new concept in the whole country.

The Specialty and introduction of Local Fine Art Education (face to face) :

The practical oriented art education cannot be taught to the students those who are at a distance through credit unit system of written ready made lessons. On line education system is not accessible to the poor and the students of rural parts. Yet video conference education needs corers of rupees investment. This is not possible for the study centres. Therefore a new teaching method of local art education is innovated to impart art education through local art education. This has been made applicable only to art education. KSOU imparts Fine arts education in the form of local art education through SALA. But this may not be the complete distance education. In this art education the student gets proper teaching from his local art teacher in the direct education method as well as mutual faith. Therefore this is a kind of traditional education. The student has to obtain attendance certificate from his local art teacher for having received lessons and to submit the same to SALA.

It is pledge to rejuvenate the amateur’s art talents in the direction of local art education. This method is not applicable to the other educational aspects. Because, the art education is a special imaginary and feeling related and skilful expression based education. It is not so in the case of the other educational fields.

The local art means, the art student achieves skill by receiving tuition from the local art teacher who may be from his place or nearest to his place. The SALA provides the necessary fundamental classic knowledge through the special contact classes from the experienced and learned art lecturers.

The local fine art education is different from that of the general distance education. Because this study psychologically depends on mental and caliber ability of the art student. The education which is a brain and heart related cannot be studied by dividing into units and credits. The student needs complete freedom in this study as it is depended on practical essentiality and the mental inspiration and spirit of the student. Therefore this education as been considered as unrelated distance education.

Here, the classic subjects are gained by experience by doing practicals continuously. It cannot be taught this practical oriented art education through mere readymade lessons only. Therefore, it is insisted, that the art student should get tuition privately from the locally available art teacher. It is made compulsory, that the art student has to obtain attendance certificate from the local art teacher.

There will be no devision of credit unit in the lessons which we supply to the student. Here, the art student is an emotional being. Hence, it is rather difficult for the art student to study everyday about units and credits as compulsory one. The art student studies complete texts through the teacher only. Therefore, it is the duty of the educational authorities to provide free and open opportunity to student according to his psychological inspiration.

We do all necessary arrangements at the time of contact classes and provide lessons, demonstrations from the national famous and learned artists. This has its own influence and help to artistic personality development. This type of varied influence cannot be gained only by the local art teachers. So, our SALA has a special programme to bring the students under the influence of veteran artists.

In one academic period 15 days classes will be held continuously from morning till evening. For the remaining period the student receives tuition privately and obtain attendance certificate.

Coaching Centers of SALA

  1. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    No. 208, I Floor,
    Dr. Rajkumar Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka.
  2. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    Salma Mansion
    Veereshwar Nagar,
    Opp. Govt. Employees Association
    Mulagunda Road,
    Gadag - 582103. Karnataka.
  3. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o The Art Integration Fine Arts College,
    No.5, Opp. Fire Station,
    Kale Layout, S.B. Temple Road,
    Gulbarga. Karnataka.
  4. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Yogeesh Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya
    Rampure Colony,
    Bidar - 585403. Karnataka.
  5. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Panditha Puttaraj Gavaee Fine Art Centre,
    Shiggav, Haveeri Dist,
  6. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Tagore School of Art,
    Kajubag, Karawar,
  7. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Shivaratna Trust (R)
    Bhaskar Nagar,
    Chitaguppa- 585412.
    Bidar Dist. Karnataka.
  8. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Fine Art College
    P.B. Road,
    Tumkur, Karnataka.
  9. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Brammananda High School,
    Hale Hubli,
    Hubli, Dharwar Dist. Karnataka.
  10. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Vani Gururaj
    Bangalore. Karnataka.
  11. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Smt. Saroja Anagarkar
    Bihand Hotel Parivar
    Station Road,
    Gulbarga. Karnataka.
  12. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Kala Kashi,
    Abbigeri - 582111.
    Rona Taluk, Gadag Dist.
  13. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o VCIC -1 College (Fine Art)
    S.No. 3/6, Kondhwa (BK)
    Pune - 411048, Maharastra.
  14. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    R.K. Nagar Road,
    Vishnupuri Colony,
    Opp. Ramachandra Theater,
    Hyderabad- 500047 (AP)
  15. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Art Mat Artists
    Vijayawada - 520010. (AP)
  16. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o The Kerala School of Arts
    Manjodi, Thiruvangad,
    Tellicherry, Kerala.
  17. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Academy of Visual Arts
    Trivendrum - 695015. Kerala.
  18. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Breshman School of Art
    Makkani, South Bazar,
    Kannur - 670002. Kerala.
  19. Sri Allamaprabhu Lalithakala Academy (SALA)
    C/o Insight Art Foundation
    Eroor. S. Tripunithura Ernakulam,
    Kochi - 682306. Kerala.